Zupee Gold App : Get ₹10 On Signup And ₹30 On Refer


Zupee Gold app

zupee gold app

How to download Zupee Gold app. Best way to earn with Zupee Gold app. Refer Code for Zupee Gold app. Tips and Tricks of Zupee Gold app. How to win every time in Zupee Gold. Refer and Earn via Zupee Gold app. Download Mod apk of Zupee Gold app.

Zupee Gold app refer and earn : ₹10 On Signup And ₹30 On Refer

Hey, do you like to play quiz and other similar games? Or you just want to make some money through refer and earn apps, Zupee Gold is the app you all have been looking for.

Read the whole post carefully and follow the step by step guide to earn money through Zupee Gold app.

There is no upper limit of how much you can earn from Zupee Gold app. Every month you can earn about ₹30 – ₹40 easily without doing anything, and can earn more if you participate in the quiz games and get your answers right.

Zupee Gold gives you ₹10 on signup and ₹30 on refer when you signup using someone’s referral code. Use this refer code to get the signup bonus instantly. When you enter this referral code, ₹10 will be added to your account instantly.

Once you done signing up for Zupee Gold and did all the necessary steps like verifying your mobile number and verifying your email, you need to add ₹25 in your account through your preferred payment method.

Once you added ₹25 in your account, now you will see the available balance will be ₹50. Extra ₹25 will be credited to your Zupee Gold wallet.

Your referrer will get his referral amount only if you add ₹25 in your account and participate in some quiz.

So, now lets dive into some main questions related to Zupee Gold.

What is Zupee Gold?

What is Zupee Gold

Ever heard about apps like LOCO or Qureka? What they do is, they organize quiz contests and let users participate in them. When the user answers the question correctly, they get the winning amount credited to their wallet.

Zupee Gold works in a similar way, but users have to register in the contest by paying the given amount. When they win the contest, they receive the winning amount straight to their wallet.

Questions are easy of course. You can win big amount also. Depending on how many correct answers you can give and how fast you can guess the correct answer. In order to score more points and reserve a better rank, you need to choose the correct answers quickly.

The ranks are distributed according to the time taken by a participant to choose the correct answer. Answer the questions quickly and get a chance to earn more money.

How to install Zupee Gold app?

How To Install Zupee Gold App

Zupee Gold app is not available in the playstore. You have to download the app from the below link or from their official website.

We will provide the Zupee Gold apk link below. Download the app and follow the below procedure and start earning from today.


  1. First download Zupee Gold app from the below given link :


  1. After you finished downloading, install the app.
  2. Now you will see a screen like the below image. Sign in with google Id and click on allow.
  3. Select you preferred language as English or hindi.
  4. Now you will see the dashboard.
  5. After a moment a message will pop up and you will get 6 free tickets to play Zupee Quiz.
  6. Now it’s done. You have successfully installed Zupee Gold. To learn the next steps read below.

How to register on Zupee Gold App?

How To Register On Zupee Gold App

Now after you’ve done the above steps and signed up with your gamil id, you need to do the below steps.



  • Go the app dashboard and click on the menu option that is available at the top right corner.
  • Click on my profile.
  • Now enter the following details as shown in the image. Enter your name, username, email and phone number. Then click on save.
  • That’s it. The registration is now complete. You are now eligible to join matches.

How to get Zupee Gold referral code?

How To Get Zupee Gold Referral Code

You need to enter the referral code in your account, in order to get the additional signup bonus. Enter the following referral code :



  • Go to the app dashboard and click on menu section.
  • You will see a option named refer and earn.
  • Click on it and enter the following refer code :


  • Now your signup bonus will be credited to your wallet.

How to redeem refer amount in Zupee Gold?

You will be able to redeem your signup bonus once you follow the below mentioned steps.


  1. Open the app and click on my wallet.
  2. You will see there are lots of options like “PLAY MONEY”, “WINNINGS” and “BONUS MONEY”.
  3. In order to withdraw your wallet amount, you have to join and play some matches.
  4. Your winning amount will be visible in the “WINNINGS” section of the wallet.
  5. Once you have some amount in your winning section, you can withdraw the money in your paytm account.
  6. Click on winnings section and you will see options like add play money and withdraw.
  7. Click on withdraw option and chose the payment method. You can withdraw your money in your paytm or bank account.
  8. Click on your preferred payment option and enter the amount and enter your mobile number.
  9. Click on “WITHDRAW MONEY”.
  10. That is, it. You will receive your winnings amount in your account within 48 hours.

How to withdraw money from Zupee Gold app?

You can withdraw your money with the same method mentioned above. But you cannot transfer your refer amount immediately after it gets credited to your account. You have to join some matches and answer some questions correctly.

Money will be credited to your account according to the number of answers you gave correctly. You can also score more by tapping the correct answers quickly.

Now if you win, your winning amount will be credited to your wallet. You are now eligible to withdraw the money into your account.

Follow the above steps and receive your winning amount in your preferred payment mode.

How to join tournaments on Zupee Gold app?

In Zupee Gold there are lots of tournaments available. You can win real paytm cash by participating in these tournaments.

There are lots of tournaments for all kinds of people. If you like basic gk related quiz, you can participate in “Chidiya Udd”. If you like to play basic math quiz then you can join “Maths” matches. Another kind of match you can join is “One Plus one”, where you will be asked some simple questions related to your basic knowledge.

You have to pay ₹10 registration fee in order to join the matches. Don’t worry, the questions are very easy of course. See the example questions below.

Some example questions of various quiz tournaments:

Some Example Questions Of Various Quiz Tournaments

Chidiya Udd:

Here you will be asked 10 questions. The questions will be every easy. See two examples below.


  1. Which one of the following flies?
  • Helicopter
  • Hyena


  1. Which one of the following doesn’t fly?
  • Pigeon
  • Battery


Here you have to answer 1 question only. You will have 10 seconds to choose the correct option. Some examples are below.

  1. If X*1+X*1=10, then X=?
  • 10
  • 2
  • 18
  • 5
  1. Which of the following is divisible by 2?
  • 49
  • 46
  • 35
  • 59

One Plus One:

In this section you have to answer 1 question. You will be given 10 seconds to choose the correct option.

Some of the questions will be like:

  1. Sara Ali Khan + Priyanka Chopra?
  • Bollywood
  • Hollywood
  1. Akshay Kumar + Jaya Bachchan?
  • Actor
  • Musician

So these are some example questions that you will get once you participate in any of the tournaments. You will get a brief idea how the questions will be.

Some tips and tricks to win every time:

  • You will earn 3 tickets per refer. So, refer as many people as you can and play the tournaments for free.
  • There is a registration fee you need to pay to join any of the tournaments. The registration fee is mostly ₹10.
  • Try choosing the correct options as fast as possible. As you will be able to score more and earn more money.
  • Sometimes there are 100% cashback on deposit offers. Make sure to use them so it will be more profitable for you.
  • As soon as you reach ₹65 you can withdraw your winning amount.
  • You can choose paytm wallet or bank account as withdraw option. If you chose paytm then make sure your paytm KYC is completed.

Some F.A.Q About Zupee Gold app:

  1. Does Zupee Gold actually pay money?

Yes. It gives you real money which you can withdraw straight to your paytm wallet or bank account, once you reach the minimum withdraw limit.

  1. Can we win every time in this app?

Yes. You can win every time in this app. The questions are very easy. For sample questions check the upper section.

  1. Is there any Zupee Gold hack?

Currently there is no hack for Zupee Gold app, as per our knowledge. Even you don’t need to use any unethical trick to use this app. The questions are very easy and your chances of winning are very high.

  1. Is there any upper limit of how much we can earn from this app?

No. there’s no upper limit of how much you can earn from this app. Just play and earn real paytm cash.


So here is the detailed description of Zupee Gold app. Read the whole post and enjoy earning unlimited money.

If you have any questions, you can ask in the comment section.




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